The Malediction Legacy.

Feature film.

A Police detective investigates a murder and discovers that she may be the next victim of a 350-year old Native American curse. To stop the curse, she must find the lost book of the Medicine man.

Submitted to Scrip Pipeline's 2017 feature film competition. The results will be announced July 31.

Coffee Time.

Everyone has its very own way to relax, I like to compose. Visit SoundCloud for free music downloads.


Feature film.

A young woman who is lured into prostitution and drugs, reaches out to the house of God, and finds that she is destined to become the mother of the Antichrist.

In Progress.



Yvonne Leo, a young woman from a wealthy and religious family in Paris, falls in love with Mateo Salomon, a French-Italian art student wannabe, who introduces her to drugs and prostitution.

Her mother, Clotilde Leo, a researcher for the Louvre Museum and editor of Vogue magazine, neglected by her husband, Hans, begins seeing a man from a male escort service, (Mateo), desperately tries to make her realize that Mateo only uses her.

Hans Leo, a German workaholic scientist with a prestigious position in the European Space Institute, from an anonymous letter and photographs, learns about Yvonne’s secret life, and gives her the ultimatum to either end her relationship and change her lifestyle, or she is not welcome to the family...

Feature film.


The story begins in the small mining town of Fictelberg in Bavaria, the 22-year-old Agness almost nine months pregnant, almost lost the kid, but saved by the town’s doctor, Eric Rubinstein gives birth to a girl she named Aburna, Frederic’s favorite name.
Meanwhile, thirteen Satanists witches, performing a ritual in Romania’s Hoia Baciu forest. The high priestess announces that her mission is to find the chosen one and resurrect Muma Padurii, the queen mother of the witches, and as prophesied in the book of shadows she inherited from her mother High Priestess Isabela Kazaku, it is time for her to fulfill her mission…


Feature film.